Zurich is the perfect city to travel to for anyone looking for a change in scenery. The picturesque city in Switzerland reflects its rich pre-medieval history and it’s a place suitable for every traveler.


For visitors looking to shop, take a stroll through Bahnhofstrasse, an upscale boulevard lined with cafes and luxury designers and boutiques.


People interested in adventure can venture off to The Alps, the highest and most extensive mountain range system in Europe, for sporting activities, day-trips, and to even kick back and enjoy the view.


Here’s how to get your passport stamped in Zurich:


From Atlanta:

Flying from Atlanta offers the best deals with flights on multiple carriers priced as low as $435, according to Google Flights. The best time to travel to Zurich from ATL is late October and Mid-November.


From Miami:

If you’re looking to plan a trip fast, no problem! The best time for travel to Zurich from Miami is in September, according to Google Flights. Eurowings, an air carrier operated by Brussels Airlines has a 7-day trip for $509 round-trip.


According to Google Flights, these dates are among the cheapest to travel to Zurich before prices climb back up to $800 or more for a round-trip flight.




From Los Angeles:

The best time to fly from Los Angeles is in mid-November, according to Google Flights. Delta and KLM Airlines have flight deals as low as $550 to Zurich with a layover in Amsterdam. The cheapest deals require a 7-night stay.


From Minneapolis:

If you’re traveling from Minneapolis, late-October and early November are among the cheapest times to fly to Zurich. On Icelandair, the flight is priced as low as $570 for a round-trip flight. Expect a layover in Keflavík. Depending on how long the layover is, use this time to explore two-countries for the price of one.