We love a good flight deal, this week we’re looking to the South American country of Ecuador. There is so much to love and explore in this country, from the paradisiacal Galapagos islands, to the historic capital Quito and eventhe quaint towns of the Ecuadorian Andes. And that is no even to speak of the rich Black culture in the country. There is certainly a reason why Ecuador remains high on travel lists around the world.

Today we’re sharing some flight deals that will help you get started on the trip planning to this much adored South American destination.

While Ecuador is welcoming travelers to explore the country, the flight deals that span from May 2022 to late winter 2023 are an added incentive for those looking for an adventure in Ecuador. The flight deals shared show economy class which will result in an extra fee for checked baggage. The flights posted here either include a layover or in some cases are direct. Here are some options for you to consider from U.S. cities:


Flying from Atlanta (ATL) to Guayaqil (GYE) proved to offer a hugely attractive flight deal with a round trip costing $178 USD with CopaAirlines. This flight does include a layover in Panama City Tocumen International (PTY). This flight is from November 9 to November 16 2022.


There were various flight options from LAX to Guayaquil (GYE) from CopaAirlines. The flight below is for a week’s trip, with a return for $278 USD. This deal also comes with a layover in Panama City (PTY). The dates are from 24 January – 31 January 2023.


Many travelers looking for flights from Miami to Ecuador are in luck. This route offered several options and even a direct flight straight to Quito, the capital. For a direct flight to Quito the price is $345 USD with American Airlines on Friday 20 May – Wednesday 25 May 2022. A cheaper alternative includes a layover in Bogota on the same dates flying with Avianca. This route will cost you $285 USD.

Other routes include New York (JFK) to Quito (UIO) in October 2022 for around $388 USD with JetBlue. Keep in mind that this does not include checked in baggage which with JetBlue costs $60. An alternative could be to upgrade your seat for $58 allowing for free checked in luggage, brining the total to $446. Flying from Hartford, Connecticut (BDL) to Quito (UIO) is another option. This route costs $334 USD with American in November 2022, perfect for escaping the winter cold.