Looking to head to Greece soon? We found a flight deal that you are going to love. You can fly from New York’s JFK Airport to Athens, Greece for as low as $393 roundtrip. This deal is brought to you by British Airways, an affiliate of American Airlines.

This is not a direct flight. Depending on the dates that you travel, you will have a layover in London. For some of the dates the layover is long, but that isn’t a bad thing. Instead, turn it into a 2-for-1 deal without having to think about it.

This particular sale has limited dates that span between mid-January and late-February of 2020.

To find this deal, head to Skyscanner.com to find the dates that work best for you. It is easiest to filter the search by month. Look for the dates that show prices in green. These are the lowest prices available at the time of your search.

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Situated in the heart of Greece in the Attica region, Athens is decorated in 5th-century landmarks, including a hilltop temple monument known as Acropolis, the iconic Athenian temple ruins of the Parthenon, the Plaka, and more.

With a long history spanning over 3,000 years, Athens is considered one of the world’s oldest cities. Start your trip by visiting the Acropolis and the Parthenon, two of the city’s most famous landmarks. Stop in the Acropolis Museum to learn even more about the history.

If you are into shopping and people watching, you will absolutely enjoy taking a stroll through the Monastiraki Flea market. It is located in the old town of the city and is the main shopping area. You will find everything from souvenir shops to specialty stores.

Hurry and lock in your seat before it’s too late. Deals like this don’t come around often.