It’s not very often that great flight deals pop up for those of us around the state of North Carolina. But, we are in luck. You can fly from Raleigh Durham’s Airport to Cartagena, Colombia for as low as $327 roundtrip. This deal is being offered via Delta Airlines.

If you are looking to purchase this deal, you will need to be able to travel between mid-September and late-October. The dates are very limited from what we can see, but there may be others available. For this search, we used October 5 – October 12.

To find your deal, use Once on the site, you can filter your search by month. The lowest prices available at the time of your search will pop up in green. You can select the dates that work best for you, and follow the links to purchase.

This appears to be a general economy class ticket, so you will not be limited by the restrictions that happen under a basic economy class flight.

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Reminiscent of the Caribbean, Cartagena is a city full of lively sights and vibrant colors that have attracted visitors for centuries. The city, with its historical walls and some of the best weather around, offers something special for every kind of traveler.

Cartagena is quickly becoming a must-see among Black travelers. As a former port for the slave trade, Cartagena is rich in African culture and influence. Start your trip around Old Town to take in the rich colonial architecture, and here you’ll also find your share of cathedrals and buildings complete with cute, picture-perfect balconies.

For all of my foodies out there, check out Quintal. It’s an old building that has been converted into a food lover’s paradise. It houses everything from fast food spots, cafes, to gourmet food markets, and you can even check out some of the English speaking Colombian cooking classes.

Hurry and grab your seat before it’s too late.

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