Several airlines are currently offering super low fares to Tel Aviv, Israel. Travelers from Detroit can fly to Tel Aviv for as low as $450 on WOW Air. This route does include a long layover in Reykjavik, Iceland, so turn your trip into a 2-for-1.


Travelers in Cleveland and Chicago can expect to find fares in the lower $500s. Check Google Flights here to find dates and routes that work for you.


Tel Aviv is the second most populated city in Israel, after Jerusalem. Known as the ‘Mediterranean Manhattan,’ this city is sure to appeal to almost anyone. One of Tel Aviv’s main selling points is its strip of beautiful beaches. Gordon Beach is the city’s main beach and can’t be missed. With great weather almost year-round, you can guarantee that soaking up some sun will be part of your plan.


If you want to experience a little bit of historic Israel mixed with Mediterranean flare, check out The Jaffa Old City. There you will find winding alleys filled with crafts shops and stalls selling jewelry and antiques. Keep in mind that stalls and shops are closed on Saturday but there are plenty of cafes, bars, and restaurants in the area. Also, be sure to walk through Carmel Market where you can find fresh veggies, produces, and stalls cooking fresh meals from ingredients on site.


Grab a bike and take a ride down the beautiful tree-lined Rothschild Boulevard. This is also a great area to check out some of Tel Aviv’s finest clubs and nightlife.


Finally, if you want to see some of Israel’s finest art stop by the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. The museum is home to diverse temporary exhibitions, displays of photography, and even a performance hall.


Act fast as a deal this good will not last long. Head to Google Flights now to book your flight.