American Airlines and its European affiliates have dropped a few routes from Miami. The lowest priced route can be found to Zurich, Switzerland for as low as $331.



Dates for the Zurich deal run from mid January until early April. Use Google Flights to find the dates that work best for you.


Low priced fares can also be found from Miami to Vienna, Austria. This route is running for as low as $356 with the same date range as the above flight. You can find fares for under $350 but they will include a long layover in Madrid, Spain.


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Zurich is the perfect city to travel to for anyone looking for a change in scenery. The picturesque city in Switzerland reflects its rich pre-medieval history and it’s a place suitable for every traveler.


People interested in adventure can venture off to The Alps, the highest and most extensive mountain range system in Europe, for sporting activities, day-trips, and to even kick back and enjoy the view.


Vienna (called Wien {pronounced vine} in German) has the most vineyards within a city limit than any other capital city in the world. A Heuriger is a tavern/wine bar where growers serve the current year’s wine harvest. Vendors are required to have a special license to operation a Heuriger, and luckily for foodie’s all Heuriger’s serve Austrian-style tapas.


With a cozy, “hometown” feel, and a din of locals catching up with each other – the Heuriger experience is starkly contrasted to the vibe of a bar (even if that is what most of us will want to call it), and the prices are very reasonable.


If these destinations are on your list, now is the time to take advantage of these low prices.