Want To Get In Shape? These Are The Fittest Cities In the World
Photo Credit: Bruce Mars

Photo Credit: Bruce Mars

Want To Get In Shape? These Are The Fittest Cities In the World

Vienna , Austria , Copenhagen , Denmark , Berlin , Germany , Madrid , Spain , Amsterdam , The Netherlands , Oslo
Nasha Smith
Nasha Smith Sep 10, 2021

Getting into shape and maintaining healthy habits can be hard, especially while traveling. But, no fret. We’ve found the fittest cities in the world to help you stay on top of your body goals.

Staying active is critical to preserving mental and physical health, as well as overall quality of life. Regular physical activity has proven to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety and prevents or helps manage heart disease, type-2 diabetes, and cancer. Unfortunately, the World Health Organization estimates that over a quarter of the world’s adult population doesn’t get their recommended dose of activity.

But depending on where you live, there may be more incentive to get moving. A recent study on the global state of fitness by footwear and clothing manufacturer Reebok examined over 60 cities to find the fittest cities in the world. Factors included the level of insufficient physical activity, the percentage of gym members, and the percentage of bicycle usage.

Interestingly, the only North American country to crack the top twenty was Canada with Vancouver, Ottawa, and Montréal coming in at 13, 16, and 18 respectively. But the United States boasts the third-highest number of gym-goers at 21% of the population.

See where your favorite city ranked on the list of fittest cities in the world.

1. Amsterdam

Amsterdam has emerged as the world’s fittest city. An impressive 46% of residents cycle to work, while 17% go to the gym.

2. Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a close second, with 40% opting to bike to work and 19% getting in a workout at the gym.

3. Helsinki

The people of Helsinki, Finland have access to 40% of public green spaces, which is a great motivator for spending time outdoors.

4. Oslo

Oslo takes the crown for providing ample opportunity to be at one with nature. An astounding 68% of the city consists of public green space. Overall, Norway accounts for the most gym-goers at 22%.

5. Valencia

Valencia is the second most active city in Spain, just behind Barcelona. The paella capital of the world also offers the cheapest gym memberships in Spain for €25.78 monthly.

6. Marseille

Paris may be the fittest city in France but in Marseille, the southern port city, 32% of residents walk to work.

7. Vienna

A gym membership in Vienna will cost you €27.91 on average, and there’s 46% of green space available to enjoy, making it one of the fittest cities in the world.

8. Stockholm

Gym memberships are relatively costly in Stockholm at €47.68 on average, but that hasn’t deterred the city’s population. Twenty-two percent of residents are gym members.

9. Berlin

Berlin is Germany’s fittest city, with a healthy 87 parks. That’s 36 more than its nearest competitor, Hamburg. The German capital also has the highest number of gym members, with 544,794 Berliners owning memberships.

10. Madrid

The Spanish capital lands in 10th place overall and 4th in Spain, with just 2.29% of employees cycling to work. But 780,257 citizens have access to a gym membership.

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