Fresh Hibiscus Tea creator Firdaws Ashiru has fond memories of growing up drinking hibiscus tea. Even as a child, the 23-year-old Nigerian-born, U.S-raised entrepreneur was aware of its medicinal and herbal usages. The tea holds a special place in her heart.

“Every year my mother would take my siblings and I to our annual Eid festival, where we were served the finest cuisine coupled with a refreshing hibiscus tea,” she told Travel Noire. “It was something I always looked forward to.”

“In Nigeria, hibiscus tea is called zobo, but the hibiscus flower is found in tropical regions all over the world, with different cultures calling their hibiscus drink by unique names. In Turkey, they call it sherbet while in Senegal it’s called bissap. In the Caribbean it’s called te de Jamaica.” 

Photo courtesy of Fresh Hibiscus Tea.

Firdaws’ beloved red childhood favorite became her healthy alternative drink years ago when she decided to ditch soda.

“My grandmother drank soda every day, which had a negative impact on her health. In 2010, she was diagnosed with arthritis in both knees. It was a challenging summer for me. Watching my grandmother go through surgery and physical therapy brought me so much sadness.”

When it was discovered that her grandmother’s excessive soda intake had expedited her knee issue and led to arthritis, it was a turning point in Firdaws’ life.

Photo courtesy of Fresh Hibiscus Tea.

She stopped drinking soda and made a promise to herself to live a healthy lifestyle starting with what she drank. But she soon discovered that although there were healthy drink options available, not many of them tasted great. 

“I have always been around problem solvers and community builders,” she explained. “When I was younger, my parents started an Islamic school in a city that had none while we were in Nigeria. From my parents as role models, I learned how to lead, serve, ask for help, cultivate deep relationships, and create something out of nothing.”

During her second year of college, Firdaws began her venture of making hibiscus tea, and Fresh Hibiscus Tea was soon born. Four years later, she and her diverse team of skilled professionals have helped many people live a healthier lifestyle and discover a refreshing beverage that is both delicious and beneficial.

Photo courtesy of Fresh Hibiscus Tea.

Some of the benefits of hibiscus tea, says Firdaws, are that it builds strong immunity, maintains blood pressure, and reduces menstrual cramps. Fresh Hibiscus Tea comes in three flavors: Pineapple Punch, Smooth Ginger, and Irresistible (the original hibiscus).

In addition to the general benefits found in each tea, the Irresistible and Pineapple Punch flavors are high in antioxidants. The Pineapple Punch hibiscus tea is also rich in vitamin C, and Smooth Ginger serves as a light detox.

All Fresh Hibiscus Teas are free of saturated fat, free of cholesterol, and low in sodium. They are caffeine-free, halal, and contain no artificial flavors. The company also use sustainable and recyclable glass bottles and supports local pantries. 

Photo courtesy of Fresh Hibiscus Tea.

Firdaws is looking forward to the future and happy to have her teas accessible to all as the tea industry continues to grow, with around 71% of Americans now buying teas from supermarkets.

“We recently launched a subscription option for our tea lovers and we are so excited to have a stress-free option for those who benefit greatly from drinking Fresh Hibiscus Tea. We also have a sample pack for our newbies.”

You can purchase Fresh Hibiscus Tea at or at select stores in Louisiana. Follow the brand on Instagram, where you’ll find a list of the Louisiana locations, and Facebook, where you can learn some new hibiscus-inspired recipes during the monthly live Tea Time With the Founder.

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