Black women have been moving to Abu Dhabi and leaving behind their lives in the U.S. for a new start.

Not only is Abu Dhabi (the capital of the United Arab Emirates) a hot spot, it’s also a place to upgrade your lifestyle and financial security.

Abu Dhabi has been employing a vast amount of professionals in the fields of education, finance, and healthcare. This is the perfect location for starting fresh and living a good life while enhancing your resume.

Black professional women of all walks of life have migrated to Abu Dhabi, including teachers, Buddhists, artists, investment bankers, etc.

Many migrated after experiencing a death, divorce, wanting a new identity, or reinventing themselves after a mid-life crisis.

Abu Dhabi has more fully paid health programs and higher salaries than many parts of the world, which makes it easier to live a high-quality life rather than paycheck-to-paycheck.

Black women can find entertainment via reggae parties, concerts, African markets, and an array of dining options. There are also groups of black women professionals who come together to share business ideas and support each other.

This cultural melting pot keeps it interesting for black women who want to explore new cultures — including exhibits and classical performances. In addition to cultural events, you are exposed to an array of cuisines from Indian, Vietnamese, Ethiopian and more at a reasonable price.

Abu Dhabi is also near other countries such as Ethiopia, India, Turkey, Greece and more, which makes it the perfect destination for the black professional woman who wants to live her best life.