Sometimes, picking out a Father’s Day gift for your parent can be really intimidating, especially when it comes to nailing down what you think your father figure would absolutely love. Don’t worry, this gift guide will prepare you with a list of 10 great Father’s Day travel gifts that your dad will wholeheartedly appreciate.

Ranging from sentimental exploration gifts to stylish watches for world travel, Travel Noire has you covered.

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The Wander Club

The Wander Club band is essential to recording your travel journeys across the United States. There are silver-plated tokens that layer nicely on the leather keychain so that travelers can document which landmarks, national parks, and international countries they have visited during their lifetime.

This is the perfect memento to gift to your Father who loves to travel because you can already buy tokens and place them on the chain for the places he has already traveled too. This is definitely the best sentimental gift idea because it is simple, low-cost, and memorable.

Nordgreen Pioneer Gift Box Bundle

The Nordgreen Pioneer Gift Box Bundle is the stylish watch your father needs. This travel watch uses sustainable manufacturing and has versatile watch bands that are meant to be switched out. Your watch can transform from a vintage leather brown band to a sleek black modern strap.

Watches are very important travel items to keep on you, just in case you lose your phone or are in a country where you shouldn’t be flaunting your phone in your hand. This will definitely put a smile on your father’s face, and it is such an everyday use type of gift.

Innway Card - Rechargeable Bluetooth Tracker


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The rechargeable Bluetooth tracker, Innway Card, is lightweight and thin enough to slip into your wallet. This gift will come in handy in ways you won’t realize because if you ever lose your wallet, phone, or keys, the Innway Card will save you from travel stress.

This is definitely the most responsible gift to give to your traveling parent, who may be prone to misplacing their valuables or may need help keeping track of where they are placed.

Eno Hammocks

REI sells Eagles Nest Outfitter’s (ENO) Hammocks that are mobile and easily transferable between hiking trips and world travels. You never know where you will be able to catch a sunrise/sunset view with a mobile hammock that you conveniently brought with you. You can tightly pack this hammock in a bag that you can easily carry around with you, that will make traveling or trekking through harsh terrain much more enjoyable.

The ENO hammock is for adventurous parent travelers who would pitch the hammock up when they find the right opportunity.

Bodum Travel Press


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The Bodum Travel Press is the most versatile heated beverage device for travelers who love to indulge in a cup of coffee or tea. This mobile press can be used for keeping your drinks warm just like a thermos, or can be used to create a quick caffeinated beverage during your hike.

The Stainless steel insulated drink carrier is sleek and slim enough to hold during a long hike or can be easily stored in your backpack or luggage. Your father will definitely appreciate you if you are helping them stay awake during their connecting flights.

Nomatic Backpack


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Nomatic Backpack is a robust and sleekly designed backpack that is water resistant and is meant to be taken everywhere. The 24 liter backpack has 20 pockets and has a laptop slip-in for your computer while traveling through airports.

The lifestyle brand if even having a Father’s Day giveaway, which makes for purchasing their products even that more exciting. The magnetic water bottle pocket is the best for hiking because you won’t catch your stainless steel thermos sliding out while you climb up a rocky trail or mountain.

Wall World Map Push Pin

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The Wall World Map Push Pin is the best decor to hang in your home because it will remind your father of how well-traveled he is on a daily basis. This Etsy item is a foam mounted board that is about 3 feet wide.

The image on the board features a map of the world and this is where your parent can get pretty carried away with adding pins to all the cities, states, and countries they have visited. Outside from pinning traveled locations, the map is a great geographical learning tool.

Tinggly Experience Box


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The Tinggly Experience Box is a modern device that revolutionizes the way we gift each other travel experiences. The white, minimally-designed box holds tickets that the gift holder can choose from a library of excursions and activities they want to do. Once, they select their experiences, they can access the tickets and use them to make more memories.

This gift has a higher cost but can be arguably the most meaningful gift on this guide. Tinggly builds once in a lifetime experiences through helping people knock out goals on their life bucket list.

Kindle Paperwhite


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The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is a lighter, slimmer, and affordable digital reading platform. The device holds storage for long-form texts and is now waterproof. The low-cost Kindle model is similar to paper and can be used to listen to audiobooks too.

This will help your father really take some much-needed rest and relaxation on their trips while being able to soak up the knowledge from a great book. The Kindle starts at 8 GB, but can carry up to 32 GB for more information.

Customizable Leather Passport Cover

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The customizable leather passport cover is a protective item meant to maintain the most valuable documents you need for international travel. A passport cover is great because this will help your father identify his passport, and you can leave a quote or their name engraved in the leather case.

This is a highly recommended gift item because it is low-cost, but also will be a gift that is of daily use while exiting the country.