Airbnb has been tracking its trending Experiences to predict some of the biggest travel trends of 2020. From meditative self-care to immersive trekking Experiences, it’s clear that travelers are willing to spend more money for unique getaways and life-changing adventures.

Here are some of the top trend forecasts for 2020:

Outdoor Adventures

According to Airbnb, “In 2020, a quarter of Americans (and 32% of Millennials) plan to take an adventurous, outdoorsy trip, and adventure travel is the trend Americans are most interested in learning more about.” Hiking and trekking experiences are also seeing huge growth, especially with Gen Z (190% YoY) and millennials (102% YoY). Trips to Kathmandu, Nepal, and Marrakech, Morocco are high on adventure-seekers lists.

Morocco | Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis | Unsplash

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Step Back In Time

It appears that more and more people are interested in learning about history and other cultures in 2020. History Experiences have increased 271 percent in supply in the last year, and in 2020, they are up 116 percent in bookings by global travelers, with even stronger interest among Gen Z (up 176%) and millennials (up 118%) compared to 2019. Lisbon, Rome, Amsterdam, and Cuba are at the top of the list for history buffs.

Cuba | Alexander Kunze | Unsplash

Getting Centered

Slowing down and reconnecting with body, mind, and nature is another growing travel trend. Meditation Experiences are one of the ways travelers are reconnecting with themselves in 2020, seeing 106 percent growth in bookings for 2020 compared to last year. Some top choices include Joshua Tree, CA, Denver, CO, and Sedona, AZ.

Joshua Tree, CA | Cosmic Timetraveler | Unsplash

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Minimalist Travel

With sustainable travel becoming the latest buzz word, it’s no surprise that people are taking a minimalist approach to their next vacations. “Miniature, simplistic, and efficient spaces like shepherd’s huts and tiny homes are trending up 112 percent and 85 percent from 2019 to 2020, respectively,” says Airbnb. If this sparks your interest, check out Nashville, TN, Villalba, Puerto Rico, and Pahoa, HI.

Hawaii | Braden Jarvis | Unsplash

Going Plant-Based

Traveling for food has always been a trend. But Airbnb has seen a huge increase in people traveling for vegan and vegetarian options specifically. Experiences offering vegan options are up 579 percent and those offering vegetarian options are up 570 percent in supply in 2019 compared to 2018. Places like Oaxaca, Mexico, Florence, Italy, and Tokyo, Japan have topped Airbnb’s plant-based Experience destinations.

Tokyo, Japan | Jezael Melgoza | Unsplash

Source: Airbnb