When you’re engaged or married, your ring not only lets the world know you’re taken, but it also has sentimental value. If you’re traveling for your a special occasion, work, or just a quick getaway wearing your beloved piece of bling may not be the best idea — and it’s for not the reason you’re thinking.


While having your ring stolen is a possibility, forgetting it on the hotel sink or the ring washing away with the tide is much more likely.


If you can’t imagine being without your ring while you’re on vacation, you have can always have your bling insured (if you haven’t already) or be sure you’re diligent about remembering when and where you take your ring off. 


If you’re okay with giving up your normal jewels for a few days while traveling, or the idea of losing it gives you anxiety, rocking a fake ring might be an option. This will not only give you a chance to try a new design (hello, anniversary upgrade) that is different from your current ring, but you’ll have a little extra peace of mind knowing your favorite accessory is tucked away safely. 


Since most people don’t want to break the bank with a faux ring, here are three ideas to get you dreaming up your fill-in travel ring.


The Minimalist

This minimal gold design is not only budget-friendly but is hand-crafted by black jewelry designer Shayba Muhammad. 


The Bling Lover

If you’re a person that can’t live without their bling while vacationing, this $17 option not only shines bright, but its sterling silver setting won’t turn your finger green.

The Trendsetter

Stackable rings are currently a favorite in the fashion world, so why not have a little fun with your faux wedding band? These stackable cubic zirconia rings merge bling, trends, and simplicity.