A drunk passenger who fell into a deep sleep awoke with a needle in his side and reacted violently. Allegedly, the passenger passed out on a domestic flight and was then injected with glucose to wake him up.

The incident occurred on GOL Airlines flight 1556, from São Paulo (CGH) to Recife (REC) on Sunday 14 August 2022. The video which is circulating on social media shows the Brazilian man waking up and immediately having a violent reaction to the injection. He is seen kicking the seats in front of him. According to reports, the police confirmed that the flier was inebriated before the injection.

The Federal Police in Brazil eventually restrained the passenger. He now faces 2-5 years in jail following his violent reaction to the injection. He has since uploaded a video online explaining that the injection was administered without his consent.

Here’s what we know:

A passenger explained that he was not waking up and was foaming at the mouth. Crew members became concerned that he was completely unconscious. The crew called upon doctors to help with the medical situation. Doctors stepped forward and reportedly diagnosed the man with an alcoholic coma. With the help of the doctors, the crew injected the man with glucose via his veins. Upon waking up, the man kicked the seats around him, causing damage to several.

In a statement, GOL Airlines said that “All actions and procedures adopted by the company were taken with a focus on the safety of stewards and customers,”

Glucose injections are typically given to diabetes patients who have passed out. It is occasionally administered by paramedics and nursing staff to people with alcohol intoxication in urgent situations.

The passenger was taken to Federal Police headquarters in Recife where he was charged with damage, exposing an airplane to danger and preventing or hindering air navigation.

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