Traveling and taking photos of our trips has become a mandatory task for many people around the world. Now, instead of just getting likes on Instagram or Facebook, you can also get paid $500. It sounds like the perfect dream job for remote workers, right?

You can also receive a Think Tank camera backpack worth over $400 if selected as Outforia‘s first travel photographer. All you have to do is simply upload your favorite travel photo.

The outdoor experts at Outforia are looking for a talented photographer to provide beautiful landscape photography for their website and social media channels, and all you need to do is submit some photos of your best work.

MStudioImages | Getty Images

Outforia is an online resource that provides information and research about nature and outdoors activities. The site compares the costs of homes located near National Parks in the US, helping to find the greatest discounts compared with the averages in those states. The goal is for Outforia to become your go-to resource for all things wild.

“Our passion for empowering people to connect with nature runs deep. And that belief flows through in everything we create for Outforia. We work with an intense personal passion behind all we do with the goal of becoming a trusted friend who you can always count on to give it to you straight,” the company states on its website.

The selected travel photographer can work from home as many hours as they wish, earn a $500 salary as well as a rotation camera backpack worth $429.99.

The professional must have an eye for a perfectly framed image, and a passion for traveling to beautiful and awe-inspiring locations. Patience, perseverance and dedication to capturing the best landscape photo are also skills that will be taken into consideration.

For those travelers who want to take advantage of this opportunity, simply just submit one of their favorite travel photos that you have taken here. The closing date for applications is April 29, 2022, so it’s time to get creative to get this dream job.