Disney World resort opened in Florida on October 1, 1971, and this year, the Orlando-based parks will celebrate the 50th anniversary.

Disney will be celebrating its first park’s opening with 2 new firework shows at the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. Each show will highlight new technology that will incorporate larger pyrotechnic mechanisms, projections, lights, moving structures, and of course, music.

The EPCOT Harmonious can be watched on September 29 at 9pm EST and the Disney Enchantment firework show on September 30 at 10:15pm EST.

“Harmonious” is a 20-minute show that shines light on 15 favorite Disney songs reimagined by a culturally diverse ensemble of 240 artists from around the globe, including musicians, composers, arrangers, vocalists and more. In total, the music was performed and recorded through more than 110 sessions in nine different countries.

“Music is the heart of any celebration, and Disney music touches people’s lives through powerful melodies and memorable lyrics that are inspiring — in any language,” said Steven Davison, executive creative director, Disney Live Entertainment. “The driving force of ‘Harmonious’ is the music, featuring voices of the world coming together to share in timeless Disney songs.”

Lucky for us, this celebration will be going on after the virtual event to give park visitors a chance to experience the momentous occasion of the wildly popular entertainment attraction in-person.

The live stream event can be viewed on Disney Park’s blog, where you are able to see the worldwide event from the comfort of your own home.

In addition to the displays, Disney World resort is bringing to life new attractions such as Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure. There will also be tons of merchandise additions that honor Disney World’s 50th anniversary.

The trailer of the behind-the-scenes production aspects of the pyrotechnic ensemble can be watched here.

Disneyland opened in 1955 so if you are based in Southern California the wait is almost over for the smaller park’s 50th anniversary which is 4 years from now in July.

The Magic Kingdom at Disney World was the first huge attraction of the Disney brand, and the park’s 10,000 visitors that visited on its opening day got to witness the historical event. The grand-opening of Disneyland attracted even more park-goers, and Los Angeles traffic was impacted by the Anaheim theme park’s first-day event.

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