Delta Airlines is launching a new weather forecasting tool that could help decrease the number of delays for passengers in the long run.


As Delta’s Meteorology team monitors weather around the world, primarily where the airline and its partners operate flights, the Weather Information Tool will help to ensure that operations leaders have the latest information, even when sudden changes in the forecast data occur.


In a statement on the company’s website, officials describe the new tool as an “interactive forecasting system [that]will be used to help track advancing weather data in one centralized location and better inform operations teams of how the airline is managing and monitoring irregular operations (IROPs).”


The weather tool will improve current operations by consolidating information from four different weather models into one unified platform specific to each airport.


Additionally, officials said the new software will provide meteorologists with a five-day forecast page that offers daily information on weather and tropical systems around domestic and international airports.  Operational teams who receive the report will be able to monitor detailed hourly intervals of forecasted weather for hubs and major airports in the network.


“The tool will be a game changer for Delta and the Meteorology team,” said Stephanie Klipfel, manager of Delta’s Meteorology team. “It will give us enhanced forecasting capabilities through concise, synchronized weather information which will allow the airline to make more precise predictions, increase safety and minimize potential delays for our customers.”


The tool is scheduled for a soft launch this month and is expected to be placed across the Delta system early next year.


In the future, Delta plans to use the Weather Information Tool to include alerts for customers as well as direct use by customer service agents and other employees to keep them updated on weather changes.