Right now, you can find flights to Seoul, South Korea for only $417 round-trip via Xiamen Air. This deal is pretty limited as it is only for Seattle, Washington departures and only in late September, but that price is too good to pass up and could be worth booking a domestic flight from your city to Seattle. This flight also comes with a layover in China so you can turn it into a 2-for-1 without having to go through the Chinese visa requirements. Use Google Flights here to find exact dates for this deal.



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Having lived in South Korea for over a year, I can tell you this is a place you want to add to your travel bucket list. The possibilities are endless when it comes to things to do in and around this Asian capital.


You can start by renting traditional Hanbok (Korean clothing) and venturing out to the many palaces for a day of cultural immersion. Next, try one of the many variations of kimchi in a traditional restaurant.


Once you have had your share of exploring the culture, make your way to the Hongdae neighborhood to explore some of the themed cafes and trendy street shopping. You will get a kick out of the “English” t-shirts.


No trip to Seoul is complete without seeing the city’s two famous landmarks: Namsan Tower and Lotte World Tower which is said to be the world’s 5th tallest building. With the transportation system being so efficient throughout Korea, make the most of your trip by taking the train ride out to Korean’s coastal city, Busan. You can buy tickets via KTX or even SRT which are both speed trains and get you there in a fraction of the time than taking a regular train or bus.