Istanbul, one of Turkey’s major cities, is a popular destination among tourists that often comes with an expensive flight price tag.From the mosques, bazaars, and famous Turkish baths, Istanbul offers various sites and activities for every traveler.


Among these activities includes a trip to Cihangir, an artsy and bohemian district filled with cafes and a chance to learn about art, literature, and theater from the locals. Other places that should be on your “must-see-list” are Tünel and Galata. According to Discover Istanbul, Tünel and Galata are some of the  most precious historical and touristic regions of Istanbul, and includes a vibrant nightlife.


The average cost to Istanbul from top U.S. destinations averages more than $1,000 for a round-trip, but these deals found on Google Flights will get you there for less than $600 round-trip.


From San Francisco

Flights from San Francisco to Istanbul are priced almost half compared to this time last year, according to Google Flights.  United, Turkish Airlines, and Lufthansa all have flight deals priced for $567 round-trip. For the cheapest flight option, use dates between the end of November and the beginning of December before Christmas on Google Flights.



From Washington DC

There are various option from the Washington DC area to Istanbul for as low as $548 round-trip on United Airlines, according to Google Flights.

The travel dates used for this flight are from Nov. 28 until Dec. 5.


From Philadelphia

Flights from Philadelphia resemble the flight options from Washington DC.  United has flights priced as low as $538 round-trip for travel dates between Nov. 28 and Dec. 5.


From Chicago

The cheapest time to travel to Istanbul for Chicagoan’s is in early and mid-December.  United has a flight deal priced at $598 round-trip with a five-hour layover in Amsterdam.  Use this layover as a time to explore black-owned Amsterdam.