It’s easy to forget just how massive the world really is when it seems like everyone is traveling to the same places like Morocco, Cuba or Greece, but a new deal flight from Delta to an island in Portugal could have you visiting a destination that not many people have experienced by this May.

Delta will soon begin operating flights from the U.S. to Ponta Delgada, a port city in São Miguel, which is the biggest island in the Azores. Set to begin in late May, customers can currently purchase round-trip flights from New York City to Ponta Delgada for less than $500 when selecting the basic economy fare.

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The deals aren’t just great from New York. Round-trip flights from Atlanta are going for a shockingly low $454 while those in L.A. can get to the Portuguese island for a little more than $500. There are also deals from other major U.S. cities, so be sure to check if there’s a flight from your departure city. Azores Airlines has historically dominated the market for flights to the Azores, but with Delta’s new seasonal routes, the island will be much cheaper to access, even during peak season.

Haven’t heard of the Azores? That’s about to change. The Portuguese archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is still pretty under the radar, with Delta being the first major airline to serve São Miguel. If you love nature, the Azores, which is made up of nine volcanic islands, is a dream, with black sand beaches, lush pastures, cliffs and waterfalls. You’ll find hot springs and activities that will help you connect with nature, but you won’t find tour buses, flocks of tourists or massive resorts (yet) since the area is still pretty untouched by outsiders. There’s no word on how long the flight deal will last, so book your ticket with Delta now (the airport is PDL) and get ready to escape to another world later this spring.