Anyone that has been to the majestic land of Marrakesh, Morocco will tell you that the city is one of the most mesmerizing places on Earth due to its romantic architecture, spice-filled air and rich Arabic, African and European culture. We found a few flight deals that could have you taking in the sights, aromas, flavors and sounds of Morocco by this fall for less than you might expect.


$636 is enough to get you to Morocco from New York City for travel between November and February via Tap Air Portugal and Norwegian.



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The deals continue for those in Boston, where those leaving Logan can score flights for $672 for select travel dates between November and February 2019 as well. If you’re in Washington D.C., the flights are plentiful but a bit pricier at $830 round-trip between September 2018 and March 2019 via Royal Air Maroc, and we also spotted deals on round-trip airfare from Miami (flights starting at $706), Philadelphia (flights starting at $786) and several other cities around the United States.


Ready to get swept away in the beauty of Morocco? To begin planning your trip to Marrakesh, start by searching on Google Flights or use our sample flight itinerary here to begin looking for airfare that works for your travel dates and origin city.