Iceland is having a major moment in the travel world right now and the constant stream of cheap flights to the country’s capital Reykjavik is the reason why.

Icelandic airline WOW currently has one-way, basic economy flights starting at an insanely low $69 for travel this fall from the following cities:



New York (EWR and JFK)


Los Angeles





St. Louis

San Francisco

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$69 is almost too good to be true, and on an airline like WOW, keep in mind that the rock-bottom price means that you’ll have to pay for everything else including use of the overhead bin, checking a bag, and any food or beverages you want while on the flight to the European country. Even if you pay the additional fees for checking a bag and buy food while onboard, you’ll still be able to fly round-trip to Iceland for far less than the normal price which ranges between the 500s and 800s.

Also keep in mind that while it might be easy to find the $69 flight out of the US, you have to do some digging to score a $69 return flight. Many of the cheap return flights have already been purchased and the basic economy seat returning to the US could cost you hundreds if you’re not careful about when you book.

Visit WOW here to see if you can take advantage of the $69 deal, and if you can’t find a budget-friendly return flight, try searching for one-way flights leaving from Iceland on different airlines using Google Flights.