Want to avoid running into a bunch of tourists during your next trip to Venice? The best times to visit fall anywhere between the months of September and November, when a trip to this romantic city is the furthest thing from the minds of thousands of tourists.


There are plenty of activities lined up this autumn in Venice. The Sagra del Mosto di Sant’Erasmoa is a festival where people gather on Sant’Erasmoa, the largest island in Venice, to celebrate the year’s first wine.


The event features live music, a rowing competition, and a chance to eat and drink local products.


Another celebration you can expect this fall is the Festa della Madonna, a public holiday celebrated on Nov. 21, to mark the end of the plague in 1631.


The following prices found for traveling to Venice fall between October and November.  Keep this in mind when you’re packing, so you have the right attire to stay warm!


From Portland


According to Expedia, you can fly to Venice for $483 round-trip.  The dates used were from Oct. 10 until Oct. 18.  Both flights are the same price with layovers in Toronto, but the only difference is one trip has two layovers instead of one.


From Phoenix


Deals from Phoenix to Europe for under $600 is a steal. The cheapest option was found this November on Expedia on Swiss International Airlines.  Using the dates Nov. 6 to Nov. 13, you can get to Venice for $560 round-trip.


Want to travel sooner?


For a few more dollars, head to Venice for $593 round-trip using the dates Oct. 23 to Oct. 30.


From Boston


There are two options for round-trip flights to Venice this November, according to Expedia. Just plug in the dates Nov. 19 to Nov. 27 for trips under $500.


From Miami


The cheapest flights from Miami to Venice were found in late November on Expedia. Like the trip to Boston, use Nov. 19 to Nov. 27 as your dates and you can head to Venice for as low as $476 round-trip.