Nigerian-American artist, Davido just turned 29 and is using his birthday to donate money to orphanages in Nigeria.

From an initial online request to his 22 million followers on Instagram, the entertainer asked his fans to donate money to a specific bank account because of his birthday. Linking fundraisers to your birthday isn’t an abnormal tradition, many Americans practice this every year to give back to their own communities.

Now, Davido is doing the same after receiving around $400,000 in donations. He will be matching those donations with a nearly $125,000 contribution of his own.


A total of $600,000 will be donated to orphanages in Nigeria and a team of 5 managers will oversee the funds and disbursement of the money.

Around 250 M in Naira will be donated to Nigerian communities with orphanages that could use the donations to support their own.


Davido has become one of the leading forces in African music that has taken hold of pop culture. He is using his exuberant fan base and digital following to support young orphans in Nigeria. He has followed up with an Instagram post that shows the full amount of donations so people will have visibility of what he will do with his growing birthday fund.

To confirm the donations being processed and received, the singer released a statement on Twitter that shows actionables that he will take to make sure they are donated justly. He has future plans to continue a birthday fund every year.

“My goal is to do this fundraising every year to celebrate my birthday and give back to people in need,” said Davido on Twitter. “It is my hope that my friends, fans, colleagues in the industry, and the public will continue to support me as I drive this cause.”

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