Some of the best ideas are born out of necessity. In Danie Spikes’ case, she wanted to use a massage oil candle with her husband Stephen, but they were both afflicted with skin issues: he had eczema, and she was prone to sensitivity. And unfortunately, there was nothing on the market suitable for their dermatological needs.

“With our [type of] skin, Shea butter, herbal oils, and really nourishing butters are really great for our skin,” Danie told Travel Noire. “So we sat down, and I worked with one of my previous colleagues who was a chemist and actually created a recipe for a candle that wasn’t made of wax. It was made of butter that would melt and could be used directly on the skin. Creating the candle then led to looking at all the other things that we were putting on our skin at the time, which then led to a body butter, and then a foaming sugar scrub.”

Their creations evolved into a self-care experience that the Spikes’ have packaged into the Beloved Box. The box is carefully curated with gently fragranced products made with plant-based essential oils that are appropriate for the most sensitive skin. The items can be used to maintain health and well-being and as part of a couple’s care routine to increase intimacy.

“The couples box typically comes with our full-sized massage oil candle, a satin blindfold, our bath tea with real botanicals, a sugar scrub, body butter, and a full-sized bar of soap,” shared Danie. “The reason is you’re creating an experience and the only place that you’re really not distracted is either in the shower or in the bedroom. So it’s created to be shared.”

Self Care
Courtesy of: The Beloved Box

Their best-selling self-care box includes everything that Danie says is essential for the perfect day of me-time: a clay mask, a bath tea, a foaming sugar scrub, a melting body butter, a mini massage oil candle, a triple butter silk soap, and even a bedroom and body mist. Their mists come in a variety of signature blends with names like BeRelaxed, BeCalm, BeSeduced, BeAssured, BeInspired, BeZen, and BeBalanced.

The mini boxes start at $28 and are one of their most gifted items. Their extra-large self-care box goes all the way up to $65.99. These are tailored for long-term self-care and can last up to two months. For those who plan on one or two days of pampering, there is a mid-sized box available for $44.99. Men’s self-care boxes range from $42.99 to $64.99.

All orders are delivered directly to your door or in some cases ahead of romantic vacations and getaways at the requested locations. The company recently launched a foaming shower oil that leaves users with a moisturized and nourished afterglow. They’re also expanding their brand with the launch of a Home by Beloved line.

“Some people just want to have those home experiences with their room spray, their candles, and their items that just really bring that experience into their home, whether it’s faith, or calm or love,” Danie added.

Find out more about the Beloved Box on their website and on Instagram.