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‘Culinary Theater’ Makes The Maldives A Hot Spot For Foodies

By Sharelle Burt


Ever see those beautiful pictures of crystal-clear water with the pretty hut-like homes?


Those pictures were taken in the beautiful Maldives, which has suddenly become the new hotspot for wanderlusts around the world. Adding to the stunning beaches and unbelievable hotel accommodations, there is another reason you may want to jet-set over there.


The tropical island country is now offering a pop up “culinary theater,” featuring some of the most respected chefs in the industry. This once in a lifetime opportunity will be offered to only eight guests at a time, with rotating chefs throughout the year. And guess what? There’s not even a menu, so you know you’re in for a treat. We’ll give you an example of what to expect. During one dinner, featured chef Kiko Moya from Spain’s L’escaleta who kicked off the series on August 31, featured seven different courses, including creamy mustard and freshly cut herbs, spicy roasted pumpkin juice, iced almond cream, and licorice syrup.


We know your mouth is watering just by reading that.


The new excursion is called Once Upon a Table and is hosted by Soneva Fushi Resort, where they say just about everything is an experience. “Everything is a journey here,” Kevin Fawkes said, Soneva’s culinary director. “We try not to make fusion dishes for Western palates; whether you’re eating Thai or Maldivian food, it’s all authentic.” The exclusive experience is only offered on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday and is set to run now through November 2019, so foodies have some time to get in on the goods.


While the cost is steep at $487 a person, there is a way to save some money by using a card that earning you bonus points on other dining experiences like the Chase Sapphire Reserve.

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