Political issues once again resulted in an incident involving passengers on a domestic flight. After what happened with a Delta passenger who has recently been removed from a flight for refusing to remove the sweater that read “F**k Biden” on a flight to Los Angeles, now a woman claimed that she and her husband we from a JetBlue flight for being former President Donald Trump supporters. The flight was about to take off from West Palm Beach Florida. 

As Newsweek reported, the woman entered the plane and started to offend passengers that were wearing face masks on the plane. Because of her behaviour, JetBlue staff asked the woman and her husband to leave the plane. The incident was caught in video and originally posted on Tiktok and reposted on Reddit on Monday. After being asked to leave the plane, the angry woman began to insult other passengers with homophobic and racist remarks, as the video shows. The video went viral on social media.

In the video, which has 3 minute-long, the irritated woman claimed that JetBlue’s staff was removing her and her husband because they were ‘Trump supporters’. A passenger who was next to them on hearing that shouted: “Don’t do that. ”  At various points, the woman also asserted that the U.S. was turning into China and called Elon Musk “the f***ing king,” Newsweek said.

During the whole incident, the woman’s husband, who identified himself as a retired FBI agent, stayed quiet only agreeing with the insults said by his wife. 

Passengers who were on the flight and saw the couple behaving unruly supported JetBlue staff’s decision to remove them. They even laughed at the couple when the woman threatened to sue the airline company for kicking them off the flight. In another video posted on Vimeo, it is shown people were applauding the police that restrained the couple after they were deplaned, Newsweek reported.

The incident is another case of the increasing number of unruly passengers on planes, which has been seen over the past few years. In 2021, the Federal Aviation Administration said it was the worst year on record for unruly airplane passenger behavior in the United States.

There were 5,981 reports of unruly passengers that were registered by the FAA. Unruly passengers can face penalties, which can include heavy fines and incarceration.