When you hear of Costco, you may immediately think of buying wholesale snacks and drinks, but did you know that you can buy COVID-19 test?

The popular warehouse club is now selling at-home saliva COVID-19 tests in partnership with The Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA) and the Government of Bermuda. The at-home PCR saliva tests are about $140 and are managed by Costco Pharmacy and AZOVA Health. 

Glenn Jones, BTA Interim CEO says, “We believe this marks a major step forward in facilitating access to pre-travel testing required for Bermuda visitors — it will be offered across the US, including major tourism markets with direct air service to the island. The prospect for travel is still difficult to many. Every day we’re working to make it a little easier.”

Consumers will be able to take the test with video observations and results will be provided through the AZOVA app within 12 to 48 hours of the kit being received by the lab. 

The Government of Bermuda reveals to the news that its “the first international destination to partner with Costco in this way…to easily use PCR saliva screening as an acceptable pre-arrival test.”

The tests will be available in over 100 Costco locations across the U.S. Having a Costco membership isn’t required in order to obtain the test. 

Victor Curtis, Costco senior Vice President of pharmacy says, “We’re proud to serve as an essential part of Bermuda’s initiative to expand COVID-19 testing options for its travelers to include 120 markets around Costco warehouses and on Costco.com.”

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