Pregnant passenger Musuamba Michoukayembe was on a flight with her husband, a Congolese doctor, to Turkey when she suddenly felt some pain in her abdomen. She didn’t think much of it since her baby wasn’t due until later on this month.

With the pain continuing, Michoukayembe knew she was going into labor on the Turkish Airlines flight, some 42,000 feet in the air. Excited, crew members sprung into action, clearing the way for the woman to give birth. Luckily, her husband was there to assist. “It was a beautiful moment for us,” crew member Fatma Akyuz said. “We boarded with 144 passengers, but landed with 145 passengers.”

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The birth was a success and didn’t cause any problems on the flight, with pilot Alper Akkaya saying there was no need to divert at all. “Since the birth was healthy, we continued our four-hour flight,” Akkaya said. The cabin crew had some part in the delivery, cleaning off the newborn after the umbilical cord was cut. They took turns holding the baby and was able to snap a few pictures to post on Twitter.

The baby boy’s name is Bennel and reports state that he and the young mother are doing well after being taken the hospital after the plane landed.

Baby Bennel isn’t the first baby to be born midair. Earlier this year, 41-year-old Toyin Ogundipe went into labor while on a plane coasting over Greenland. Luckily for her, second-year Urology resident Dr. Sij Hemal was on the same flight and even though he was tired, he was ready for action. Mom and baby Jake were definitely in good hands. “Honestly, it was something from God,” Hemal said. “A lot of things could have gone wrong. But we made the best with what we had.”