If you’ve ever wished to randomly stumble upon $10,000, today is your day. 

Tulsa Remote, a talent recruitment initiative, wants to pay remote workers a $10,000 grant to move to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The initiative hopes to get remote workers to live and experience the city of Tulsa. Coworking space and help with finding housing will also be provided.

This is the second year of the program and in the first year, 100 remote workers were selected out of over 10,000 applicants from over 150 countries.

Tulsa Remote Executive Director, Aaron Bolzle, says in a statement: “Our mission has always been to attract talent and diverse individuals from across the country to Tulsa and get them connected to the incredible existing community.”

Bolzle goes on to say, “The participants from this year have blown away our expectation and we’re extremely excited to bring in another group of passionate people to Tulsa in our next year of the program.”

Remote workers will be able to apply on October 29th. 

Requirements to apply:

-Be at least 18 years old

-You must be legally able to work in the U.S.

-Agree to live in Tulsa for at least a year

-Have a consistent income from a company based outside of Oklahoma

The $10,000 grant will be distributed throughout the year and will be funded by the George Kaiser Family Foundation. 

To apply, click here.