No longer a country ruled by drug cartels, Colombia has made a resurgence as a prime destination for travelers seeking history, natural beauty, and thriving communities. Here are 5 cities that are worth adding to your travel bucket list.


Although the capital city may still be a bit rough around the edges, Bogota now offers a variety of new restaurants, boutique hotels, and lively bars as entrepreneurs set up shop in this comeback city. A melting pot of people from around the country, it is diverse and multicultural, with a blend of modern and colonial architecture.

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Medellin is a city reborn. In 2013, it was named the most innovative city in the world, making an impressive comeback from once being the murder capital of the world and ground zero in the war on drugs. Now you can enjoy vibrant street art, tourism, and an impressive new cable car network offering fast transportation and stunning views of the city. 

Medellin, Colombia | Kobby Mendez | Unsplash

Ciudad Perdida

Six hundred and fifty years before the Incas built Machu Picchu, the city of Teyuna was home to a thriving civilization. Today, it is now known as La Ciudad Perdida or The Lost City. According to, the Lost City now has new guardians, the Kogi. These ‘elder brothers’ are said to be the descendants of the Tayrona. They watch over the earth and us, the ‘younger brothers’ from their villages high in the Sierra Nevada, which they call, ‘the heart of the world’.


Cartagena is one of the most picturesque cities in Latin America with a painful past built on gold and slavery. Located on the Caribbean coast, this colonial city is now famous for its castles, culture, history, and colorful, 400-year old buildings. The city is an open-air museum, filled with colonial treasures, but it has a lot more to offer than history and culture. Cartagena is also a thriving beach destination with water sports, picture-perfect beaches, and epic sunset views.

Cartagena, Colombia | Esteban Venegas | Unsplash

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The inspiration behind Gabriel Garcia Márquez’s novel, One Hundred Years of Solitude, Mompox is a sleepy village that is worth the visit. The city remains relatively unchanged since the 1500s with colorful churches and a laid-back culture built on community and history. This small town can be explored in just a day, making it the perfect day trip from some of the larger cities. 

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