Cheap travel is something that people are always going to look for when making holiday plans. But according to a new study, there are some airports that are better than others at providing affordable airfare.

Scott’s Cheap Flights (via Travel & Leisure) revealed that two airports in the greater New York City area top the list for cheap travel: JFK and Newark International Airport. Put simply, the more planes fly out of an airport, the cheaper the flights are — which is why JFK and EWR top the list.

“There are a ton of planes traveling between JFK and the rest of the world every day, and all those routes and airlines mean — yep, you guessed it — a whole lot more deals,” reports the outlet.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, all the major cities ranked on the “cheap travel” list. Chicago’s O’Hare came in third place, while LAX (Los Angeles), Washington Dulles, SFO (San Francisco), and MIA (Miami) all made the list as well. Boston, Philadelphia, and Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport rounded out the top 10 list.

Also unsurprisingly, inexpensive flights from smaller airports were much harder to find.

Of course, even with such amazing deals, it’s always recommended to download programs like Hopper (which searches for travel and hotel deals, boasting that the average user can save up to 40% on travel) to get the most “bang for your buck.”

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