What better way to celebrate a holiday that is all about recognizing your hard work, than with a solo trip to bask in the greatness that is you. Solo trips are a great way to unwind, relax, and do things on your own schedule. Here are a few to consider for this upcoming Labor Day weekend.

New York, NY

It may be full of crowds, but nothing rejuvenates you like a weekend in the city. Book early to catch a show or a reservation at a favorite restaurant. With so many activities to choose from, you may want to take some time to plan this trip in advance, so you don’t feel overwhelmed when you arrive. Whether you plan on just getting lost in the streets of the city or hitting every bar in town, there is always something for everyone in the Big Apple.  

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Washington, D.C.

Chocolate City could be just the place to enjoy the early fall weather and friendly faces of our country’s capital. Museums are often best explored alone allowing you to see what you want, when you want. With more than 20 museums to choose from, most of which are free to the public, this is a great opportunity to take in art, history, and culture on your own terms.

Washington D.C. | Casey Horner | Unsplash

Asheville, NC

If you are looking to slow things down and get away from the crowds in the bigger cities, check out Asheville, North Carolina. Situated in the Blue Ridge Mountains just over two hours west of Charlotte, Asheville is a progressive town and home to many creatives, hippies, and non-judgmental people. There is a vibrant art, foodie, and craft beer scene and hundreds of independently owned businesses that you can visit while strolling through the town’s scenic streets.

Marfa, TX

It may not be the side of Texas you’ve heard about, but for art lovers and creatives, Marfa should be on your travel list. Artists looking for a solitary life started to move to Marfa in the 1970s, and today this quirky destination is home to only around 1,800 residents, communal spaces, progressive galleries, artisans, and desert skies surrounded by all of the solitude you are craving. It’s a three-hour drive from the nearest airport, so plan accordingly and bring plenty of books.

Marfa, TX | Martin Robles | Unsplash

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San Diego, CA

Beach, sunshine, and palm trees. San Diego is home to the endless summer. While most cities around the country are getting ready for crisper, fall temperatures, it’s still beach season in southern California.  Spend the day by yourself basking on one of the many beaches along the pacific coastline while quietly enjoying your favorite book, mediation, or cocktail.