Another holiday season is upon us. But if you’re lacking in inspiration for your next get-together, why not consider these 7 celeb food favorites?

Whether you need a different type of recipe, or you need a dish from a whole different culture, or even if you’re in need of some festive holiday decor — your faves have you covered.

If there’s one thing that the pandemic has taught us, it’s that celebrities are just like us. They don’t celebrate the holidays with gold-plated dishes and hand-crafted cocktails by Wolfgang Puck (well, most of them don’t, anyway). They, in fact, love Stanley Tucci’s cookbook The Tucci Table (like Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex — who married the whitest prince in history, and had the Karens calling the global manager ever since).

And, don’t worry — pumpkin spice is nowhere to be found amongst the celeb food favorites. (Not even in their pumpkin pie — for which, by the way, Patti LaBelle has a great recipe for.)

Whether you’re having a traditional Thanksgiving or a Thanksgiving inspired by the islands, these celeb food favorites will definitely be a guiding light for the next time the fam (or friends) come over. Get in the kitchen and give these a try.

Nicki Minaj

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The “Superbass” rapper says she switches up the table if she’s serving her American friends or her Trinidadian family.

“It depends on if it’s an American Thanksgiving, then I’d love some collard greens, some mac and cheese, stuffing and turkey. But if it’s a Trini[dadian] Thanksgiving, then I want the same thing I always want, which is curry chicken, roti, oxtails. The same old thing that we always eat,” she said.

Kelly Rowland


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According to the former Destiny’s Child member, Thanksgiving dinner is at Beyoncé’s house — especially if Miss Tina is in the kitchen.  “She makes truffle macaroni and cheese that’s pretty sensational,” she said. 

So, if all else fails, go to a friend’s house! (Even better if that friend is Beyoncé!)


Not everyone’s a whiz in the kitchen — and that’s okay, says the R&B legend. You can keep it simple, and stick with what you know.

“I don’t consider myself a great cook, but I have a few things that I can cook. I make really good fried chicken and I make really nice cream corn and my mom does the rest. She does the stuffing and banana pudding and potato pie. So we get a chance to enjoy her cooking,” she said.



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Potatoes. You just can’t go wrong with potatoes. And besides, it’s far too easy to make them fresh (please don’t get the instant version). “I’m a massive mashed potatoes fan, through and through. I think that’s the hero. If there are no mashed potatoes at your Thanksgiving, what are you doing?” she said.



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Stick to the staples, said Serayah — which, in her case, involves the greens. “I am a greens freak. That’s me. I get everything at first, and then I go back for the greens because Grandma’s greens — there’s nothing better than Grandma’s greens,” she said.

Jeannie Mai

You know Jeezy’s eating good this Thanksgiving! According to his wife, it’s okay to incorporate your culture into your dinner table. (If you don’t eat turkey, don’t make it — stick with what you know.)

“Because I’m Vietnamese, we like to incorporate Asian dishes into it. We make turkey dumplings. We make turkey and duck spring rolls. We have a lot of Asian food along with a lot of American dishes because the kids are American,” she said.

Anthony Anderson


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No Thanksgiving dinner would be complete without sweet potato pie. This is not up for debate. Just ask Anthony Anderson, who has only one type of pie that he enjoys: his grandmother’s.

“It’s been a staple in our family. Of course, over the years the recipe has been passed down and then you find things that you want to add to it and put your own spin on it. But at its core, it’s still the recipe that we grew up eating. It’s a part of the family,” he said. “One year we didn’t have sweet potato pie because every other family member thought the other family member was bringing the pie. So we made a vow that would never happen again. And then the next year everybody brought a sweet potato pie. So now we are on the family thread. Any holiday, ‘OK. Who is bringing the pie? OK, who is making the backup?’ That’s how we are now. That’s how serious we are about our sweet potato pie dessert.”