Montel Williams will be the keynote speaker of the Cannabis Science Conference, which starts on May 18. The conference is centered around the most recent developments in, “cannabis science, technology, cultivation and medicine.” The two day- conference will occur in Long Beach, California.

Cannabis conferences offer a place where industry leaders and newbies alike can gather to learn more about the wonders of the plant. Simultaneously, surrounding themselves with people of like minds, those that are passionate about cannabis and its different uses.

The conference will kick off with Canna Boot Camp. This workshop includes everything from seed to smoke. Learn about testing, cultivation, hash and concentrate making. Discover the wonders of edibles and delve into growing topics. Lunch and transportation are provided with Canna Boot Camp. Tickets for the Boot camp are sold separately.

Cannabis Science Conference May 18-20, Special Guest Montel Williams
RR_Medicinals, Pixabay

Over 60 vendors will be presenting at this year’s Cannabis Science Conference, May 19 and 20. Get there early in order to visit all of the booths at the conference. Hotel options are also available for those coming from out of the area.

Five unique tracks are offered, guiding guests through classes based on their interests. The tracks are Analytic, Cultivation, Hemp, Medical and Psychedelic. Speakers will be presenting both Thursday and Friday. Each speaker focusing on a different section of each track.

Montel Williams, the keynote speaker for the Cannabis Science Conference, is a long-time cannabis consumer and advocate. Many of the people of the cannabis community look up to Williams for his love of the plant and his tenacity to get it legalized and normalized. This year, Williams will be presenting a speech called, “Let’s Be Blunt” the namesake of his podcast. Williams has used cannabis to treat MS for years and has been a part of legalization efforts in seven states in the U.S.

Along with Montel Williams, Primary Presenter Ms. Scheril Murray Powell, Esq. will also be speaking. Powell is an attorney who focuses on dietary supplements, cannabis and agriculture. According to her bio for the conference, “she is a hemp farmer and… will use this discussion to guide the audience through the international registration and global expansion process in the… hemp industry.”

Tickets are on sale now with a few options to choose from. One, guests can choose tickets for the vendor section only. Or, for they may choose tickets for presenters as well as the vendors. Again, the Canna Boot Camp tickets are separate. Come to the Cannabis Science Conference ready to learn all of the intricacies of cannabis and the science behind it.