Summer travel for 2020 has forced us to get a little creative. As a result, maybe you’ve visited a place you never considered before or tried a new experience like camping.  With concerns around safety and closures across many industries, it’s not surprising that new trends in travel are popping up.

Getaway, a Brooklyn-based travel company, is predicting this summer’s biggest travel trend: cabins in nature. According to the site, they saw a booking increase of 260% during May and June.

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“Our tiny cabins in nature provide a break from the city, technology, and work so that you can recharge and reconnect to who and what matters most,” says the Gateway website.

The travel company offers mindful, scenic escapes in tiny cabins tucked away in natural outposts. According to a release, these outposts are all located no further than two hours from some of America’s biggest cities: Atlanta, Austin, San Antonio, Boston, Charlotte, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Portland and Washington, D.C.

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“Getaway is a unique hospitality company tapping into the increasing need for urban dwellers to find balance in their over-connected and overstimulated lives. The Company offers its guests the ability to ‘unplug’ from the stress of daily life, reset and embrace simple pleasures like nature, silence, and campfires. Every minimalist, design-focused cabin is perfectly situated in serene environments where guests are encouraged to recharge and spend time on what really matters — their relationships with themselves and their loved ones,” the company released in a statement.

As coronavirus cases continue to surge in many states and throughout the world, you can hop on board this growing trend and head to the woods, relax in a cabin and enjoy the rejuvenating properties of nature.