Guidance Whiskey is a Tennessee-based and Black-owned Whiskey Brand.

Its founder, Jason Ridgel, has signed a historic partnership deal with a Kentucky-based Black-owned distributor, which means you’ll have access to buy it in 50 stores across five states.

Launched in 2018, Guidance Whiskey was in stores in Memphis, Nashville, and Atlanta, and available for purchase to 44 states in the U.S., as Travel Noire previously reported.

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“I was told ‘no’ by a bunch of distributors,” Ridgel told Jacksonville Free Press during an interview. “They told us that [they] would never sell because the market was saturated, and there are tens of thousands of spirits.”

But Ridgel didn’t let that stop him.

With a help of Black-owned distributors, Legacy Wine and Spirits, Ridgel was able to secure the deal to get access to more stores.

“Once we met with Jason and actually had a conversation about his vision for Guidance and the whole Black-owned spirits movement, we knew that we definitely wanted to play a part in that and also be a distribution partner for Guidance,” said Kelvin Young Sr., co-owner of Legacy Wine and Spirits.

Find more information more about where you can find Guidance Whiskey in-stores or purchase it online by visiting the company website here.