If the viral video of Will Smith doing the #inmyfeelingschallenge on top of the Szechenyia Chain Bridge in Budapest made you want to book a trip to Hungary, you’re in luck! While we don’t recommend climbing the chain bridge whatsoever, we do recommend a trip to one of Europe’s prettiest cities, and you can now get there for a great price.


Known as the “city of baths,” Budapest offers tourists the opportunity to take a dip in its famous natural hot spring, cruise along the Danube River and explore the country’s rich folks crafts traditions.  With so much to do in Hungary, don’t miss your chance to explore with these flight deals as low as $400 round-trip this fall.


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From New York


According to Kayak, there are two ways to get to Budapest.  The cheapest option will have you on multiple airlines.  The other way, is to travel Norwegian Airlines for a little more money.


From Oakland


There are a few options from the Oakland area, if you have some vacation time built up.  Norwegian Airlines has an option from Oakland for $540!  This a good flight to snag, considering the flights range between $1,200 and $1,500.  


Another option is to fly with Lot Polish Airlines from Los Angeles.  They have a flight deal running until July 31st for later this year. 



From Chicago


Like Los Angeles, Lot Polish Airlines is offering flight deals to Budapest for $499 round-trip. The deal ends on July 31st so start your search for tickets here.