Buckingham Palace is in the news once again, and of course, it’s not good news.

The royal palace, located in the United Kingdom, recently opened its private 39-acre gardens for visitors to walk through via self-guided tours. The gardens are only slated to be open until September, so visitors have been flocking to get a glimpse of London’s largest private flora and fauna.

The admission price for the gardens is $23 and, well, travelers felt the price was too steep given the fact that the ground’s staff were rude and the gardens were ‘underwhelming.’

“Complete rip off to visit the equivalent of a small park, except that you are restricted in what you can do and where you can go, and the food and drink is a rip off. Save your money and go to any other of London’s free parks,” one reviewer wrote on the travel review site.

Another traveler wrote: “Very bad experience. First of all the ticket price is very high and the guards are very rude, they will not allow you to enjoy, and most part of the area is off limits. I would suggest to not waste your money here.”

The negative reviews of the gardens continue to pour in, which led the agency over the gardens— Royal Collection Trust— to make a statement on behalf of Buckingham Palace.

“We have been pleased to receive a good deal of positive feedback from many visitors to the Garden this summer – but all visitor feedback is important to us and will be considered for future planning,” RFT told The Insider.

This short and simple response made its way to Twitter— Black Twitter specifically— and they had a lot to say. One Twitter user pointed out the fact that Buckingham Palace didn’t come to Meghan Markle’s defense, but instead decided to defend the gardens.

You can find more of the not-so-pleasant garden reviews here.