Travelers are flocking to Britain in record numbers, and it’s all thanks to Brexit.

When the people of Britain voted to leave the European Union in 2016, the impact of the decision immediately caused the value of the British Pound to decline, making the region more affordable and desirable. As a result, travelers from all around the world decided to take advantage, and began to eye cities like London as a destination, giving Britain’s tourism industry a boost along the way.

In August, a peak month for travel to England, Britain welcomed more than 3.9 million visitors, up 5% from the previous year and an all-time high for the region. When foreign travelers get to Britain, they’re spending serious cash, pumping 2.8 billion pounds into the region in the month of August alone.

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While Brexit has helped more travelers around the world get to the U.K., Britons have traveled abroad less. Brexit and the decline of the Pound have made foreign travel too expensive for many Brits, with the number of British traveling abroad falling by 3%.