Breeze Airways is one of two new airlines to launch within the year. The budget carrier, from the same founder as JetBlue, will offer flight service across the southeastern United States, starting May 27. The website launched this week with a grand opening sale, and all routes start at only $39 one-way.

Just in time for Memorial Day, the following routes will be available: Tampa to Charleston, Tampa to Louisville, Charleston to Hartford, Charleston to Tampa, and Charleston to Louisville. In the coming months, Breeze will add 39 nonstop routes, with destinations like Providence, RI and San Antonio, TX.

The airline’s CEO, and former Jetblue CEO, David Neeleman, wanted to create an airline that focused on nonstop flights to smaller markets, and cities that are usually known for only being a layover spot. The airline’s mission is simply stated, “We’ll get you there twice as fast for half the price.”


Nearly every flight is under two hours, and the airline plans to expand to longer flights and larger markers in the near future. There are currently 60 planes within the brand’s fleet, with some offering business class and Wi-Fi for everyone on board. All flights will have an in-flight streaming service featuring 150 free TV shows, playing on your mobile device or laptop.

If you were one of the many people that loved empty middle seats during the pandemic, then you will love Breeze Airways because there are no middle seats on the planes, for now.

Mirroring other budget airlines, bag fees of $20 whether you carry on or check a bag, and you are allowed one free personal item that must fit under your seat. Picking your seats in advance will start at $10, however parties and families that book together will automatically be placed together if seats are available.