Santo Domingo is a growing popular tourist destination. It is also a city with the biggest population in the Dominican Republic and the richest when it comes to historical sites. From the prehistoric times to the colonial period, there are so many historical treasures that you must see. As much as you might not be able to see all the major historical landmarks, there are some attractions sites that you might not want to leave without visiting.

National botanical gardens

If you think that you have seen some of the rarest botanical life, then you might want to consider visiting the Botanical gardens. Some of the most exotic and most extraordinary traditional plants are here making it one exciting scenario. The garden also has a calm surrounding thanks to all the nature around it. The national botanical gardens are one of the leading destinations for tourists who get to see some of the most unusual looking plants.

The three eyes national park

As the name suggests, there exists a park in Santo Domingo that has a one of a kind landscape. The three eyes are three lakes that exist inside a limestone cave. The view itself is breathtaking, added to the fact that the lake water has a magical color. When visiting this incredible location, you will get to learn how the lakes were formed. It is however said that the lakes are four in total, but the fourth lake is always not considered because of its tricky position. However, it is accessible using a boat through the third lake.

Alcazar de Colon

This is a UNESCO World Heritage site that is worth all your time. Being an ancient colonial building, there are so many historical valuables here that will take you back to the colonial period. A tour in this place will give you a picture of what Santo Domingo went through before it became such a beautiful place to land for your vacation. Alcazar de Colon is one of the main tourists’ attractions here that tourists include in photographic backgrounds.

Museum of the royal houses

When it comes to some of the major historical places to visit in Santo Domingo, this place should not miss from your list. Since it’s one of the most important Spanish Colonial buildings, there is so much history here. From antiques to war artifacts, you will see some of the most ancient tools of war that you never thought existed. Additionally, you will see some of the important government offices that belonged to the Spanish rulers and their setting.

A trip to Santo Domingo is worth it thanks to the fact that there is so much to do for tourists. You should also know that you are most likely to find some of the most excellent hotels which offer quality hospitality. Before you depart, make sure that you try out some of the fantastic traditional local dishes. If you ever wish to tour the Dominican Republic, then you should consider Santo Domingo first on your list of places to visit.