Are you looking for a picturesque destination that’s also easy on your pockets? We suggest packing your bags and making your way to the Philippines to experience Boracay Island.

This beautiful beach town recently reopened after shutting down for over 6 months for preservation and to cut down on over-tourism. It was once a hot spot for party-goers hopping around Asia, but don’t expect to find the usual turn up there anymore since tourism officials have put an end to that.

If you do decide to check out Boracay, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Photo by @brokeandabroadlife

Getting there

It will be pretty hard to fly directly to Boracay island. You will need to fly to Manila and then take the short flight to Caticlan or Kalibo Airport. From Caticlan, you will land at a small airport strip and then be driven by a charter bus to the single room airport. Yes, it’s tiny.

Once you collect your luggage, you must then load up and head to a ferry to catch a boat to the island. It seems like a lot, but it is so worth it.

Photo by @brokeandabroadlife

Once on the island, you can take motorized powered tuk tuks to your hotel or Airbnb around the island.

Where to stay

Airbnb is your best bet for this one. You can find spacious, modern, multi-bedroom villas with private pools for as low as $45 per night. Many of the listings are on hotel properties so you will also have access to restaurants, a spa, and possibly a gym.

What to do

Like most island destinations, there will be several tour operators along the beach offering excursions. A popular one in Boracay is the island hopping tour that takes you to the popular Puka Beach for a few hours, then to an authentic Filipino barbecue lunch, to Crystal Cove Island Resort, as well as an amazing snorkel site with some of the prettiest water you will ever see.

Photo by @brokeandabroadlife

Along the main beach zones, you can get beachside massages for next to nothing, order frozen cocktails or food at one of the many vendor stands. Just to put things into context, a one-hour in-room massage will cost you roughly $12 for 60 minutes. Along the beach, it will cost a little more, but not much.

Be sure to catch the locals creating the sand sculptures every day around 1-2 p.m.

Photo by @brokeandabroadlife

Boracay is truly a place to kick back, sip on a few fruity cocktails, and simply live your best life all at the same time. Did we mention it’s super easy on your pockets too?

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