Using science and data compiled by a 2013-2017 American Community Survey, was able to determine the 10 cities in American with the largest black population.

You may not be surprised that almost all cities are located in the southern states, but it is interesting that many of the largest cities in the country did not make the list.

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“Limiting our analysis to only cities greater than 100,000 people, we looked at the percentage of the population of each city that identified as non-Hispanic/Latino, black,” said “We then ranked each city from 1 to 273 in terms of that percentage with the city having the highest overall percentage being named the ‘City In America with the Largest African American population’ — Jackson, MS.”

And the least? Brownsville, TX with only 0.21% black people.

Here is the full list:

1. Jackson, MS

2. Detroit, MI

3. Birmingham, AL

4. Miami Gardens, FL

5. Memphis, TN

6. Baltimore, MD

7. Montgomery, AL

8. New Orleans, LA

9. Shreveport, LA

10. Augusta-Richmond County consolidated government (balance), GA

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Jackson is home to an 81.4% black population with Detroit coming in a close second at 78.8%. Detroit is the only city on the list that is north of Mason-Dixon line and is also the largest city in the top 10.  

If you were expecting to see Atlanta, GA make the list, don’t worry, although they didn’t crack the top 10, they’re not far behind. ATL came in at #13 with a 51.8% black population, just under Savannah, GA at #12 with 54.2%.