As we continue to celebrate Women’s History Month, we were honored to chat with the entrepreneur duo behind New Orleans’ The Business Bar. It’s a traditional cocktail bar, restaurant, and workstation.

Founders Jade Newman and Jessica Robinson told Travel Noire, “It means so much because we are women who stand for women. Women’s history month signifies power, strength, and serves as a reminder that we can change the world one woman at a time.”

We sat down with Newman and Robinson to learn how this business idea came about and what’s next for the duo.

Travel Noire: What’s the mission of The Business Bar?

Newman and Robinson: To offer the perfect space for professionals to conduct business, enjoy great food and amazing cocktails in an atmosphere worthy of staying after 5’o clock.

Our goal is to expand. We’re already planning two more locations. We plan to add a little more with each location as well as offer The Business Bar as a franchise opportunity for others.

Photo Courtesy of Joli Renee Photography | The Business Bar

Travel Noire: How has opening during the pandemic helped your brand?

Newman and Robinson: We believe launching during the pandemic, which was probably one of the most uncertain seasons for everyone around the world, truly set the tone for what we stand on— faith and perseverance.

We also believe it helped our business tremendously by naturally allowing people to want to support us because of our strength. Our brand gives everyone a sense of hope, which has been a blessing.

Travel Noire: Jade, how has your career in property management assisted in launching The Business Bar? 

Newman: I’ve been in property management for a number of years, and I’ve created a number of ways— through trial and error— to make things possible for my clients. My knowledge prepared me to create a successful restaurant concept that will thrive for years to come. Understanding how to make money, where to find answers, and what to do before making money mistakes helped the business to thrive.

It’s not about how long someone has been doing something. It’s about doing things the right way and pretty much all businesses can function with the right plan in place.

Photo Courtesy of Joli Renee Photography | The Business Bar

Travel Noire: Jessica, how did you use your background in mixology to curate the menu?

Robinson: I used some of my popular cocktail recipes to create the cocktail menu for The Business Bar. Having my own business prior to this, allowed me to build strong relationships with my clients who were waiting for me to open a bar. Their support alone has been a huge factor in our success and growth.

Photo Courtesy of Joli Renee Photography | The Business Bar

Travel Noire: What’s next for The Business Bar?

Newman and Robinson: We plan to start the process of opening at least two additional locations by the end of the year, if God says the same.

For more information follow @BusinessBarNOLA, or check out the website: