This government shutdown is the worst. It is affecting people’s everyday lives in different ways, but we are concerned about how it is changing the travel industry.

In the past week, we’ve reported on how all of the Smithsonian museums are shut down indefinitely, and more importantly, how some TSA workers are forced to work without pay. Without a paycheck, some of the workers have been doing the bare minimum when it comes to ensuring passenger safety. TN took to Twitter to ask our followers to share their airport experiences since the shutdown. While it is a serious problem, some of the responses are quite hilarious.

Going through the airport requires passing through extensive security. On a typical travel day, passengers are asked to take their shoes off, open carry-on bags and may be subjected to a pat down. For some travelers now, that wasn’t the case.

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It is also common sense that you don’t travel with things that could be considered weapons, but of course, some people tend to forget they are carrying them. This was the case for one of TN’s followers, but thanks to the shutdown, it wasn’t an issue for them.

Some are even considering if this will be the new normal.

Stateside travel isn’t the only type of travel affected. International travelers are also feeling Trump’s shutdown. While traveling back from London, a passenger thought her carry-on would be subjected to an extensive search, but she thought wrong.

In some cases, TSA has been letting the hours pass on by while doing nothing. Who could blame them? If you went to work and found out you weren’t getting paid, wouldn’t you take an extended lunch? While traveling from Detroit to Fort Lauderdale, a follower said TSA was very vague. She even made it through security in record time.

Let’s hope that this government shutdown ends soon because the reality is we don’t need TSA slacking when planes are carrying us through the air.