Rashad McCrorey’s passion for social justice and traveling is what inspired him to create Africa Cross Culture, a travel company that has allowed him to help more than 100 African Americans reconnect with their roots.

Raised in Harlem, NY, McCrorey is committed to leading the resurgence of African American travelers back to Africa.

“Some people want to visit Africa to escape the systematic oppression they face in America,” said McCrorey. “Some took a DNA test and want to visit the country of their roots, while others want to vacation to have a good time. People have various reasons for returning to Africa and its 54 countries.”

In an interview with Travel Noire, McCrorey discussed the importance of getting Black Americans to the continent:

Travel Norie: What was it that inspired you to take other people to Africa.

McCrorey: In 2014, I was in school for theology and we were required to study abroad. During that time, the Ebola outbreak happened and the school wanted to cancel the trip altogether and send us to non-African countries. I led a coalition at school that year to explain to the administration that Africa was a continent of 54 countries, not just one.

The school’s administration agreed to let us go to Ghana, which was perfect because Ghana is known as “Africa for beginners” due to its warm hospitality.

Photo courtesy of Africa Cross Culture

Travel Noire: What was your first experience like?

McCrorey: It was such an impactful experience that I withdrew from school just to go back.

It was the sea of Black businesses and greatness […] seeing that everything was black-owned and black-made, it just had me so passionate.

Travel Noire: What can people expect when booking a tour with your company?

I have the experience and just so much passion for what I am doing in Africa.

I help to organize group trips to countries throughout the continent, including Egypt, Ghana, and Kenya. I’m well connected and people can trust me to have an amazing experience in the Motherland.

McCrorey confirmed with Travel Noire that he plans to add trips to Nigeria, Togo, and Rwanda to open this year. To find out more about his upcoming trips, click here.