Meet Stephanie Erazo, an avid traveler, self-proclaimed fitness junkie, and owner of Travel Slay Fitness. Her company was born from her two passions, with the goal of motivating people to push their limits through adventure and fitness. Through curated retreats and workshops, Stephanie and her team encourage and motivate people to get out of their comfort zones, and away from their normal routines. She hopes that these experiences will also spark change in people’s lives with regards to health and wellness while bringing people together who share a love for fitness, travel, and adventure.

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While working a deadline-driven corporate job, Stephanie turned to fitness as an outlet for stress relief. After 7 years, she decided to leave her job and dedicate her time to helping people achieve their goals while also living her dream. She traveled extensively, living abroad in both Costa Rica and Spain and received yoga, meditation, and pranayama breathing certifications in India under master yogis.

Today, Travel Slay Fitness hosts retreats and workshops all over the world where you will focus on fitness and personal growth through various methods including yoga, boxing, hiking, and weight lifting. These experiences and fun collaborations are aimed at getting you moving outside of your comfort zone. Many people refer to Stephanie as their “Motivator in Chief”, as she enjoys showing people that they can achieve more.

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Sign up for her upcoming retreats in Santa Monica and San Diego and see where Travel Slay takes you.