5 Black-Owned Restaurants To Visit In Miami
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

5 Black-Owned Restaurants To Visit In Miami

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Chef Amanda Jackson
Chef Amanda Jackson Jul 30, 2018

Miami, Florida is known for being the 2nd largest international travel destination in America as well as for its notable Cuban-American community, but beyond the surface, Miami has a rich history intertwined with many facets of the African diaspora. Once you’ve had your fill of South Beach and danced the night away in Little Havana, take a little stroll off of the beaten path to visit historic sites like Overtown, Virginia Key Beach, and Little Haiti to get a taste of what Miami’s black-owned food scene has to offer.  


Conch Heaven


This little piece of Bahamian heaven will fill you with the flavors and history of Nassau.  Famous for their conch salad, this restaurant boasts a menu of traditional dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Treat yourself to the fish stew or the oxtails after you inhale a big bowl of their conch salad!


Lil Greenhouse Grill


The team behind Lil Greenhouse Grill began as a humble food truck concept before finding its’ home in the heart of Overtown.  The menu offers “edgy neo-soul” cuisine including favorites from BBQ to seafood to the best lemon pepper wings in town. Stop in a catch a vibe, you may just roll up on a spoken word, musical performance, or open mic night!



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Clive’s Cafe


Recently relocated to the heart of Little Haiti, Clive’s is serving the best of Jamaican cuisine.  Miami may be hot, but the soup on Fridays is so much hotter! Traditional mannish water soup with goat is local favorite along with their jerk chicken and classic breakfast offerings such as ackee and saltfish.  Don’t forget to cool off with any one of their house-made beverages!


D’Vine by 9701


Divine is just one way to describe Chef Ingrid Bayoro and her team.  Their immaculate plate-ups are heavily influenced by roots deeply connected to the Ivory Coast and Haiti.  Expect the best griot in town, and be sure to check out the infamous plantain sandwich along with their excellent cocktails.  This budding hotspot is also a great place to start an amazing a night out in the Magic City.


Chef Creole


A notable favorite of the late Anthony Bourdain, Chef Creole is a Miami powerhouse for Haitian Creole cuisine.  Dive into dishes like grilled conch, crab Creole, and of course, the conch fritters. Pros know to dine in and join a dominoes game in their outdoor dining area.  Seated with a beer in hand and a side of pikliz, it’s easy to forget you’re stateside. Locals know to head to the 54th Street location!

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