3 Cities In The South Where Food Is The Main Attraction

By Shontel Horne


No corner of the United States does food better than the South. The food and cuisine you’ll find in many cities throughout the American South serve as a direct reflection of the region’s history with slavery, while also incorporating influences brought over by immigrants and the access to seafood along the South Eastern coast.


The South has defined American cuisine in a way that can’t be denied, and while there are countless cities worth visiting for a food tour, these three destinations have a flavor that’s all their own.


Charleston, South Carolina


New Orleans was my undisputed favorite foodie city in America until I went to Charleston. While New Orleans will always be #1 in my book, Charleston’s endless parade of BBQ joints, soul food restaurants and fresh seafood is everything a food lover could want in a travel destination. You’ll want to spend at least three full days in Charleston to truly get a taste for the city’s food scene, and my only regret is that I didn’t visit sooner.


Must-Try Restaurants: Rodney Scott’s BBQ, Ravenel Seafood


New Orleans, Louisiana


New Orleans is the only city I visit with the sole person of eating everything in sight. Cajun and Creole food reign here, and in the land of gumbo, jambalaya, po-boys, crawfish étouffée, king cakes and beignets, the best way to enjoy New Orleans is by leaving all of your voluntary diet restrictions back home. Part France, part African and entirely the American South, if you’ve never been to New Orleans, you’re missing out on the very best food this country has to offer.


Must-Try Restaurants: Café Du Monde, Dookey Chase’s Restaurant


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Miami, Florida


If you want to try the most eclectic flavors in the world while visiting a picturesque American city, Miami is the place to be. In Miami you’ll find restaurants that reflect the city’s rich Haitian and Cuban heritage while celebrating Miami’s diverse population, and the cuisine can be as simple or extravagant as your heart desires. Don’t leave without sending day eating in Little Havana and you haven’t experienced Miami until you’ve washed down conch fritters with a cold mojito.


Must-Try Restaurant: La Belle Jacmelienne Cafe

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