2020 is definitely the year of Black-owned businesses leveling up. Popular Tennessee-based pizza brand Slim and Husky’s recently announced their move to offer nationwide shipping on some of their signature items.

If you’ve ever had a Slim and Husky’s pizza, then you know this is major. The brand— which was started by friends Clinton “Clint” Gray, Derrick Moore, and Emanuel Reed— has grown significantly since launching in 2017.

Slim and Husky’s has partnered with national shipping service, Gold Belly, to offer their pizzas in a frozen form that can be shipped nationwide. You can also get their cinnamon rolls delivered, too.

The brand is all about the culture. From the hip hop blasting over the speakers in the restaurants, to art from Black artists hanging on the walls. Even the pizza names pay homage to significant moments in Black culture and history.

To learn more about this new offer or to place your order, visit: www.slimandhuskys.com.

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